Which products do we offer

– basic production data

Basic unit designed for all types of production and operating machines. Commissioning is fast and data is available within hours. We deliver including current input measurement.

– energy consumption measurement

An extension that allows you to control the exact consumption of the connected device. If you've ever encountered the term quarter-hour peak, Zapsi Energy is for you.

Zapsi LCD
– actual information

You need to see production information online directly at the selected location. A suitably positioned LCD can display selected information about a machine, a group of machines on the shop floor or, for example, a comparison of shift performance.

Zapsi Touch
– user data

The information entered by people - login, order/operation selection, records of rejects and downtimes - are recorded via a touchscreen terminal: 'Zapsi Touch'.

Systém Zapsi
– transparent information

All information is displayed using a web browser. This way you are not limited by the operating system or the device you are using.

Zapsi Collector
- tailor-made server

Hardware, optimized for running the zapsi system, that just needs to be connected to power and LAN. It will provide communication with Zapsi modules, Zapsi Touch terminals and run the system's web application.