Zapsi system
– přehledné informace

Systém Zapsi

Data display and configuration of the Zapsi System takes place in a web application accessible from any internet browser. You are not limited by operating system or device type. For example, if you have an Android phone in your pocket, you can use Zapsi wherever your IT policy allows.

Web application:

  • works on devices with an internal browser (we recommend Chrome)
  • password login (multiple browsing levels)
  • mmanagerial overview with statistics for the last 30 days and an overview of the current production situation
  • online/statistical overview of all connected machines
  • statistical reports
    • of machine data (production, downtime, input statistics, alarms)
    • of terminal (user) data (orders, operator-specified reasons for downtime, errors/defects, repair/maintenance records)
    • graphic outputs
      • overview of production
      • overview of downtime
      • production speed
      • overview of the operation of individual machine parts
      • overview of energy consumption
      • overview of other connected inputs (speed, temperatures, pressures, ...)
      • pareto diagram of downtime by duration of downtime
      • statistical graphs of machine status
      • statistical graphs of downtime
    • OEE
    • system settings

Standard system functions

Functionality requirements