Zapsi Touch
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Zapsi Touch

Zapsi Touch is a metal touchscreen terminal designed for workplaces where it is necessary to record the work of employees. The device has a built-in chip reader, so in most cases, existing chips/cards for attendance or catering can be used to record workers. The Zapsi Touch comes with a barcode reader for recording orders/operations. Furthermore, this device is designed to record types of downtime and production errors.

The data from Zapsi Touch are data entered by the employee. In combination with the machine data from Zapsi, it forms a complex whole.

So if you need to know which worker has the most downtime, which worker has the most time, when the machine was in production, which worker ... Zapsi Touch is the ideal choice.

The device is designed to be mounted on the workplace where the machine operator moves.

Technical specifications:

  • 2 USB ports (RFID reader, barcode reader, scale, etc.)
  • 13’’ touch screen
  • Metal body
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • 24VDC/1A power input
  • RFID reader

Classic examples of use

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