– basic production data


Zapsi is a basic device designed to collect two types of machine data.

  1. The first type: data that have ON/OFF, left/right, on/off, YES/NO, open/closed...
    This data is stored as digital data.

  2. The second type: data where the state changes with time: temperature, pressure, flow, power,...
    These data are stored as analogue data.

All information is immediately sent to the server in the Zapsi Server database - you have an immediate overview of the current production status. In case of malfunction, the data is stored in the device - you will not lose production data even if the server fails. Approximately 1 year of information can be stored on the card. Zapsi can control external devices (triggers beacon when pressure drops, temperature exceeds, etc.).

The device is designed to be mounted in the machine control cabinet.

Technical specifications:

  • 4 digital inputs for use with two-state processes
  • 4 digital inputs for use with very fast two-state signals (Encoders)
  • 3 analog inputs for use with current transformers
  • 1 analog inputs for use with 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs
  • 8 PNP outputs optionally (24V/0,5A)
  • Replaceable industrial SLC 256MB SD card
  • 24VDC/50mA power input
  • Ethernet conectivity
  • Diagnostic LED
  • DIN rail mountable

Classic examples of use

Special examples of use