Demonstration of the Zapsi System.

Watch a short video demo of the Zapsi user interface. You can work with your data in the same way.

The Zapsi System

After the video starts, you can watch:

  1. Summary overview of monitored machines
  2. The output of the machine for the selected period
  3. Presence of human factor, info about orders and downtime
  4. Detailed overview of the consumed energy of the machine
  5. Comparison of machines and shifts according to productivity
  6. Detailed statistics of recorded downtime
  7. Possibility to visualize the OEE indicator

Frequently asked questions:

One of the biggest advantages of the Zapsi System is its versatility. It does not matter the type of machine or its manufacturer. The Zapsi system can obtain data from any production machine or line.

The main benefit of the Zapsi system is increased labour productivity.

If the customer is interested, we can offer a number of examples from existing projects, where the customer has requested interconnection with his corporate IS.

Of course – this can be installed by any competent electrician, however we are happy to provide this service if you prefer.

If a standard system is purchased, then the implementation is just a few hours per machine – however this can vary depending on the site and machines in question.

Want to try the DEMO?

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