Successful implementation of the order

MS Technik, s.r.o.
Zapsi 2

"We bought the Zapsi System mainly to make our machines more efficient and productive. We consider the possibility to test the Zapsi System before the start of the implementation to be a great advantage."

What MS Technik does:

  • Innovative company engaged in the production and coating of sheet metal products.
  • Its main activities include development, design, toolmaking, stamping, electroplating, welding and assembly.

Reason for acquiring the Zapsi System:

The first impetus for the acquisition of the Zapsi System was the desire to make the machines more efficient and productive. We wanted to have an overview of production and non-production times and to get information about the real utilization of production capacities.

Benefits of the Zapsi System:

  • By far the biggest benefit is the overview of machine utilization.
  • Real-time monitoring of production progress and stand status.
  • Digitization of documents that can be displayed on terminals.
  • Partial traceability (input material vs. stock label)
  • Monitoring of some press inputs.

Idea of future use:

  • As far as HW is concerned, the extension is only for assembly lines and other lock "switches".
  • Software-wise, there are more options, such as:
    • greater number of user-entered inputs
    • informing operators about actual changes in time
    • a next...

    Which charts of the Zapsi System are used most by the company:

    Chart of individual machines:

    It shows us what the production has been over time and what types of downtime (or adjuster downtime) are occurring on the equipment.

    List of downtimes

    The next most used screen is the downtime list, where you can view, filter and edit downtime in various ways.

    Reports and statistics

    Reports and statistics are very useful for managers and executives. The most commonly used are statistics on downtime types and statistics on material measurements.

    How the contract was implemented:

    One of the biggest advantages was the possibility to rent and test the System on "our" real data and machines before the actual implementation of the order. Due to the variability of the machines we wanted to use the Zapsi System for, we could test its functionality in live operation. We also praise the speed of HW deployment and its configuration by Zapsi s.r.o. Our employees learned to work with the System quite quickly and the management soon had the required overview of the production status. Even though the deployment and start-up took place in a relatively short time, there were occasional minor operational problems, but these were promptly and willingly rectified by Zapsi Ltd.

Zapsi 1
One of the most important parts of the whole System is the acquisition of data from the customer's production machines. This is provided by the Zapsi data acquisition device installed in the machine's control cabinet.
Zapsi 2
The sophisticated terminal logic running in the Zapsi Touch terminal allows the customer to work with detailed information not only from the machines perspective, but also entered by the user or taken directly from the customer's ERP.
Zapsi 3
At the customer's request, the logic of the terminals was created in both Czech and Ukrainian languages. This makes it very easy to switch between the different languages switch according to the requirements of the current employee.