Successful project implementation

Zapsi 2

"The Zapsi system allowed us to continuously evaluate the efficiency of the machines, monitor collision conditions, compare the performance of individual workers and better plan production."

What LINAPLAST does:

  • Plastics processing
  • Moulding (NC controlled injection moulding machines)
  • Design, CAD
  • Assembly

Benefits of the Zapsi System:

  • Objective data on the production process, the status of production machines and their use.
  • Comparison of worker performance (reporting of NOC parts, reporting of product counts)
  • Machine collision conditions now automatically summon the responsible worker for repair
  • Connection to the information system for better production planning
  • Easy-to-understand data visualisation directly at the workplace
  • Automatic and clear production data reports directly from the Zapsi system

Which Zapsi units are used by the company:


  • Zapsi Unit for collecting data from production machines
  • Zapsi Touch for user data entry
  • LCD for visualization on the production floor


  • Zapsi system used to work with data collected from machines, users, company IS
  • Running user logic on Zapsi Touch terminals (according to customer requirements)
  • Established communication between Zapsi System and Linaplast IS - Helios


  • HW and SW installation at the customer's site

How was the implementation of the contract:

The implementation was divided into several phases, according to: centres and production types, level of installation and terminal logic.

Zapsi used at 4 production centers:

  • Plastic moulding plant - injection moulding machines (units + terminals)
  • Assembly - assembly equipment, JUs and jigs (units)
  • Tool room - machine tools (units)
  • Moulding / assembly at a separate production site (units + terminals)

he physical installation of the Zapsi units was followed by a phase of workshop visualization (on LCD) and terminal logic (interfacing with the company's IS), then we addressed individual requirements according to the customer's wishes.

Zapsi 1
The operating hall of Linaplast, a plastics processing company. The operation of production machines is monitored by the Zapsi System.
Zapsi 2
In the event of collision conditions, the Zapsi system triggers an alarm, which simultaneously calls the responsible employee to repair the machine.
Zapsi 3
The Zapsi system provides an overview of current production data directly at the workplace.