Successful project implementation

Kovo–plazma s.r.o.
Zapsi 2

"Thanks to Zapsi, we have identified capacity reserves and have been able to automate the information transfer process."

What does Kovo-plasma do:

  • Engineering production
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Laser cutting
  • CNC bending

Benefits of Zapsi System

  • A comprehensive view of the individual sections in production
  • Ability to monitor and evaluate the utilization of individual workplaces and specific machines
  • More detailed transfer of information between systems
  • More efficient work planning using the planner in our information system

Which units of the Zapsi System are used by the company:


  • Zapsi Unit for collecting data from production machines
  • Zapsi Touch to enter user data
  • LCD display for visualisation on the production workshops


  • The Zapsi System used to work with data obtained from machines, from users, from the company's information system
  • Running user logic on Zapsi Touch terminals, created according to customer requirements
  • Established communication between the Zapsi System and the company's information system - K2

Special Services:

  • HW and SW installation at the customer's location

How was the implementation of the project:

We divided the implementation into two parts:

1. Hardware installation:

It was necessary to tighten the network and to install a diverting terminal to each workplace in the production. This stage was carried out very quickly and without any problems.

2. Program modifications:

The second stage was more complicated because we decided to connect the zapsi system with our information system. Because zapsi collects data on how long a particular machine takes to process a production order, it was important for us to transmit this information.

Zapsi 1
The Zapsi Unit is used to collect data from production workplaces. The Kovo - Plazma company monitors energy consumption from electrical outlets, where one unit can collect information from up to 4 electrical outputs.
Zapsi 2
Sometimes the rule is: 1 el. 1 outlet = 1 production workstation, sometimes the rule is 3 el. 1 electrical outlets = 1 production workstation. Photos directly from the distribution cabinets of Kovo-plazma s.r.o.
Zapsi 3
Zapsi Touch touch terminals are used in Kovo–Plazma s.r.o. mainly for entering reasons for downtime in case of production workplaces - Laser.