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Zapsi s.r.o.

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Zapsi company was founded in 2014 as a result of 10-year collaboration between identically thinking people. In 2018, Zapsi s.r.o. was founded. Thanks to working on small and big projects, from delivery of single-purpose machines to implementation of big software system, we gained valuable experiences and knowledge. We know, what was working and what was not working.

We take life and our work as an opportunity to evolve our experiences, gain new informations and as a chance to “simply know more about the world”. We are trying to offer you, our customers, the best that we know and can. When analyzing and defining project, we are trying to see it through your eyes, so you can work on your own problems. We are always trying to improve even the smallest things, that you do not notice.

  • Company information

    Zapsi s.r.o.
    Nesyt 2741/29
    695 01 Hodonín

    CRN: 01982141
    VATIN: CZ01982141
  • Kontakt

    Phone: +420 602 845 033

    E-mail: sales@zapsi.eu

  • Technical support

    Phone +420 515 906 011

    E-mail: support@zapsi.eu

  • Technical support

    Phone: +420 515 906 012

    E-mail: support@zapsi.eu

  • Zdenek Kucera

    Zdenek Kucera
    +420 602 845 033, kucera@zapsi.eu

    • My work is to take care about the project (from first contact) until an order is made. But I also assist with implementation.
    • I am a very good timekeeper and you can really trust me, that I will call at 5PM (when we made an agreement about it before).
    • Contact me, if you want to know more about our company and products.
  • Radovan Semanský

    Radovan Semansky
    +421 907 508 486, semansky@zapsi.eu
    hardware technology

    • Every technical thing from Zapsi goes through me.
    • I am always trying to improve my knowledge, abilities and informations. I am well known for working for a long time on a problem, until it is done.
    • Contact me, if you want to make something (you can hold in your hand) reality.
  • Robin Konečný

    Robin Konecny
    +420 515 906 011, konecny@zapsi.eu
    software frontend

    • Software frontend is my responsibility.
    • I can stay calm when others are collapsing. I can also work nonstop until the work is done.
    • Contact me, if something you can see (in our software), is not right.