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Machine monitoring Do you want to have accurate overview of your production?
At every time you want? Do you want results in matter of days? Contact us


Can you tell, for sure, which machines are producing right now? And which not? A do you really know why? Can you tell the overall productivity of your production, right now? Can you compare shifts by a single click? Can you tell, which shift is getting worse and why? Do you know, what is the power consumption of individual machines? Or one factory part as a whole? Wouldn’t it be better to switch off one machine and transfer the production to another one? Have you ever decided wrong, because of bad or no information?

Zapsi: the right information in the right time.


How quickly will you react, if customer demands accurate production data? Do you really know, what were the machine settings? Can you say for sure, who is responsible for that bad piece? Can you show the material supplier the results of his goods? And with comparison to other supplier? Do you know, what was the situation, before a machine breakdown? Who was working on that machine and what he was doing?

Zapsi: important data available just a few clicks away


Do you want to train new people faster? Do you want to control their work, while not standing behind their backs? Do you know, what to improve? And do you have something, that is always measuring the data you need? Can more information help you with deciding? Do you want to help other to make better decisions? And do you have all the information you need?

Zapsi: learn new things and gain better view of your production


Have you ever wake up feeling really ill, but still went to work? And do you really have to? Would you rather stay home, but don’t want to loose the information feed from your work? Do you sometimes need to check your work, but out of office? Do you like to be informed, even if “not working”? Do some things (briefings, meeting, etc.) consume a lot of your time? Do you like to shorten those things?

Zapsi: more accurate and clear information means more free time

  • #1 Start

    If you are not sure about the benefit or return of investment in machines monitoring, use the START package. You will get a full System Zapsi with the possibility of collecting data from one machine for a greatly improved price.

  • #2 Analysis

    If the System Zapsi has fulfilled your images and if you want to have quality monitoring of machines in your company, we can move on to the analysis if is needed to meet your requirements. It is necessary to understand you perfectly. The output of the analysis if a clear description of the implemented project and its progress.

  • #3 Realization

    The implementation of the project includes the installation of hardware and also installation of software. It is over a hundred projects behind us. So we know how important is to cooperate with electricians and IT workers of customers company so that the implementation will be successful and the implementation time will be shortened to the shortest possible time.

  • #4 Control

    Of course, it may happen that certain „birth pains“ may come with the implementation. That is why it is essential for us to check the correctness of the functionality of the System Zapsi. The control takes place during the trial operation when the identified problems are eliminated immediately and the inspection process is performed again.