Monitoring of production and operating machines

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  • from anywhere
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Demonstration of the ZAPSI System

Universal solution

Unified monitoring of all machines in your production.

For efficient production

Evaluate the efficiency of individual machines, the entire production, energy consumption and employee productivity.

Simple and clear

All results in one place. Email reports right on your phone.

What does the ZAPSI System provide?

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Advantages of the ZAPSI System

Responding to customer needs

Evaluation of the entire process and production conditions, including comparison of the use of materials from different suppliers.


Current and historical data

The performance of shifts, machines and employees with each other, including production costs.


Employee productivity

Immediate overview of the performance of individual employees and comparison of shift operations.


Unified visualization

Thanks to the coverage of all machines in production, you will have a unified overview of information available anytime and anywhere.


Tailored to your business

We are developers, programmers and traders. We do everything from development to installation where requested.


Try Zapsi for yourself


After filling out the contact form we will send you a trial version of the Zapsi System where you can try all its features for FREE.

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Implementation process

#1 Start

If you are just considering the solution - we offer you a trial for a discounted Zapsi System with the possibility to collect data from one production site.

#2 Analysis

If Zapsi meets your expectations, we will perform a comprehensive analysis of your business and propose the most optimal tailor-made solution for you.

3# Implementation

The implementation of the project includes the installation of hardware at production sites and software, in cooperation with your electricians and IT staff.

#4 Control

Checking the correct functioning of the Zapsi System during the test operation when any detected problems are immediately eliminated.


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