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Zapsi Touch Know your opearators

  • Zapsi Touch

    Expand your factory overview

    Zapsi Touch is durable metal touch terminal. Whenever you need to keep records about your operators work, you can use Zapsi Touch. RFID 125MHz is built in, so you can use your own RFID chips, or cards. Barcode scanner is one of most used accessories for collecting information. This device is for use only with Terminal DB Server.

    Data collected with Zapsi Touch are user-input data. By that we mean: login, logout, start of work, end of work, start of downtime, type of downtime, end of downtime, etc. When combined with machine data from Zapsi, you gain a very good insight about what was really going on.

    If you want to really know, what is the worst downtime and who is the most responsible for it, you may use Zapsi Touch.

    Technical information

    • 2 USB ports (RFID reader, barcode reader, scale, etc.)
    • 15’’ touch screen
    • Metal body
    • Ethernet connectivity

    Examples of use

    • User login, logout
    • Work order start, duration and end
    • Downtimes monitoring
    • Product defects monitoring

    Special examples of use

    • Time and attendance