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Zapsi DB Server Reliable software for your data

  • Zapsi DB Server

    Database with GUI for normal people.

    Zapsi DB Server is a windows service that manages communication between devices and database. Zapsi DB Server periodically downloads data and controls the state of every device. In case of any problem, Zapsi DB Server can send an email with problem description, so we can react in shortest time possible. Zapsi DB Server has graphical user interface, so that even the customer can control the flow of the application.

    Data from devices can be combined together. One example for all: “Make a virtual digital input, which is ON only if power current is above 60A and doors are closed”.

    Zapsi DBServer is a one-time priced software. No need to upgrade the software when new devices are connected.


    • 64-bit Windows based OS
    • Minimum of 4GB RAM, 2 GHZ procesor and 200GB HDD
    • MySQL
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Remote connection