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Zapsi energy Know your power consumption, precisely

  • Zapsi energy

    Power consummption

    Zapsi Energy is an extension for basic Zapsi module. This extension measures voltage and current on all three phases. Voltage and current are downloaded periodically, and consumption is calculated on server side.

    For use inside the machine fuse box.

    Technical information

    • 5 digital inputs for use with two-state signals
    • 3 digital inputs for use with very fast two-state signals (encoders)
    • 3 analog inputs for use with current transformers
    • 1 analog inputs for use with 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs
    • 4 NPN outputs
    • 256MB SLC SD card
    • 24VDC power input
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Diagnostic LED
    • DIN rail mountable
    • 3-phasis data:
      • actual current
      • actual voltage
      • max current for given time
      • max voltage for given time
      • mim current for given time
      • min voltage for given time
      • actual apparent power.

    Examples of use

    • Power monitoring of machine, or its parts
    • Power monitoring of factory parts, or(and) buildings