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Zapsi Basic data collector

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    Basic data collector

    Zapsi is a device for automatic online/offline data collecting. There are two different types of data, Zapsi can measure. Two-states data: that means data that are ON/OFF, left/right, yes/no, open/close, in/out … These data we call digital and they are saved if change appears.
    Changeable data: that means data, that change with time. Stuff like temperature, pressure, flow, … These data we call analog and they are saved periodically.

    All data is automatically uploaded to server database. So you can have realtime overview. When server is offline (simple hardware restart, for example), all the data is stored inside the device, so at the end, nothing is lost. Zapsi can control external devices (lit the light, when temperature is high for 5 minute, for example)

    For use inside the machine fuse box.

    Technical information

    • 4 digital inputs for use with two-state signals
    • 4 digital inputs for use with very fast two-state signals (encoders)
    • 3 analog inputs for use with current transformers
    • 1 analog inputs for use with 0-10V or 4-20mA outputs
    • 8 PNP outputs optionally/
    • 256MB SLC SD card
    • 24VDC/50mA power input
    • Ethernet connectivity
    • Diagnostic LED
    • DIN rail mountable

    Examples of use

    • Monitoring machine behavior
    • Monitoring machine status (production-idle-offline)
    • Monitoring machine product count
    • Monitoring machine safety (and sending an alarm when safety is breached)
    • Monitoring important machines data(temperature, revolutions, etc.)

    Special examples of use

    • Building realtime monitoring
    • Warehouse inventory monitoring - realtime and historical overview of warehouse positions
    • Alarm watch dog - Zapsi can activate an alarm (be it an email, SMS, a siren, etc.) when conditions are met